• Graduate Students – $55
  • Independent scholars/Lecturers – $85
  • Professors – $125
  • Banquet ticket (optional) – $35 (not including alcohol)

* * *


Please complete the CCRS 2018 Registration form and mail it along with your conference fee payment to:

Department of Romance Studies
ATTN: Maury Bruhn
UNC Chapel Hill
238 Dey Hall, CB #3170
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3170

You can make the check out to “Department of Romance Studies, UNC” and put “CCRS 2018” in the memo portion if you’d like. We will only drop names from the final program if we receive email notification that you will not be coming to the conference.

Please submit your registration and payment by April 1, 2018. Please remit your fees via check or money order along with your registration form.  We cannot accept credit card or paypal payments at this time. If you are unable to pay your fees by April 1, 2018, please contact Maury Bruhn at ccrs2018@gmail.com

* * *

Maria A. Salgado Graduate Student Award

This year, after the conference, Romance Notes is giving an Essay Award, the Maria A. Salgado Graduate Student Award, together with a monetary prize of $100.00 offered by the Carolina Conference for Romance Studies.

The award is given to a graduate student whose presentation at the conference is considered excellent and whose nominated paper is selected by a blind peer-review process for the journal. The recipient’s article will be published in Romance Notes, and the recipient will be presented the award and a $100.00 prize at the 2019 Carolina Conference closing banquet.

To be eligible you must be a graduate student, be nominated by a Panel Chair of the Carolina Conference for Romance Studies, cannot be a previous award recipient, and submit a polished paper of 3000-5000 words by the deadline for consideration.

Nominees may incorporate any feedback from the conference and submit a polished version of the paper, of 3000-5000 words, to mbruhn@email.unc.edu by April 30, 2018.

A 4-person committee selected by Romance Notes will review the essay submissions and determine a winner by the end of May 2018. The essay will be published in either the fall or the winter editions of Romance Notes, and the recipient will be presented the award at the closing banquet of the Carolina Conference for Romance Studies in 2019.